A Letter to a Friend


Hi Txxxxx,

I pray all is well. You’ve been on my heart for….about a week now. I can’t shake it. I guess some friends are like medicine, medicine will help you regardless of how you personally feel about it, or how you emotionally respond to it. I’m the type of friend, where the friend is more important than the response that I might get or the friendship that might be challenged.

I use to apologize for being who I am, but I don’t anymore. I’m comfortable with myself. I’m not perfect, but God is.

Txxxxx if you have a bible, please… begin reading the book of John. When you try to control everything and everyone around you in life…you just end up being controlled by life. Life should never tell ‘you’ who you are, ‘you’ need to tell life who ‘you’ are. The way that life tells ‘you’ who you are is by teaching ‘you’ how to respond to it by the dictates of the world system. Shutting down is not a good response either. Life is designed for you not the other way around where you are made for life. NO, ON THE CONTRARY; LIFE WAS MADE FOR ‘YOU.’

You are controlling everything for your own peace, but peace isn’t found in you it’s found in God. You are at a point in your life where you need God. Nothing seems to be working as it should, you are just going through the motions by playing the role that you wrote the script for. God has a script for you. It’s to live out the life of Jesus. I know you can do it; you were born to do it. Happiness isn’t found, it’s a decision born out of the Love of God ministered by His Holy spirit who expresses it in you as Joy.

I also pray for Exxxxxxxx and Tx.

Take this chance Txxxxx and pray this prayer of Salvation

Father God in the name of Jesus, thank you for forgiving me for all of my sins. Come into my heart Jesus, take over my life and be my Lord, my personal savior, my personal healer and my provider. I summit to your Lordship! I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born by the Virgin Mary, crucified, resurrected and now He lives in my heart. Thank you Lord Jesus for coming into my heart and saving my soul and Father, I ask you now to set my soul free. I don’t want my soul to be enslaved or to be in bondage to anything or to anybody. Father, I accept the freedom of my soul and ask you now, Lord, to fill me with your precious Holy Spirit from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head. Give me power over my situation so that when I pray I will get an immediate answer and when I speak the word of God it will manifest itself immediately.

(Now put both of your hands on your stomach and say):

I have in me the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and all the power of God dwells in me all the promises of God dwell in me and when I call upon them one by one they have to manifest themselves because they belong to me and I call upon long life and peace and joy; come forth divine anointing, health and strength come forth! I will study my bible and learn about all the promises that God Has promised me. Father, I thank you for saving my soul in Jesus precious name, Amen. Thank you, God.

Jesus has set you free.

Love Conquers All,
Much love,
Pastor Harris

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