Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Martin Luther King Day

Why is it happy for you? I believe these holidays are designed for us to honor the self sacrificing of others on our behalf by living it out in our daily lives. Don’t just give it a ‘kudos,’ LIVE IT. Holidays are for self retrospect, not just historical accounts, but destiny through change! How have you allowed this holiday and all holidays to affect you to do your personal best? Any dream you want to live in life; speak ‘life’ to it.

Dreams are designed to motivate us to improve ourselves to do better for ourselves and for the society as a whole. Protect ‘The Dream’ from ‘nay sayers’ and negativity in general. Build fences of expectation and gates of faith to surround ‘The Dream.’ What have I/you personally done to improve myself/yourself and others from the past year? Stop waiting for someone to do something for you, Mr./Ms Entitlement; do something for someone else. A man gave his life for an Ideal of equality, unity, and peace; can I/you not respect that man and live out the ideal through how I/you treat and respond to my/our fellow brothers? Can I? Can you?

  • Can I not see all of mankind as my brother?
  • Can I not think outside my ‘self imposed box’ of ‘all about me’?
  • Can I not better my position in life by bettering someone else’s life?
  • Can I leave out the ‘I’ in my conversations when speaking with others?
  • Can I listen more and talk less about what I did?

Here’s a biggie can I post something of relevance on my Facebook page about someone else to encourage them?

  • Can I love more like Jesus?
  • Can I be soft and approachable?
  • Can I not hate…


Much love,
Pastor Harris


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