Your Personal Best

I was raised by wonderful parents, who just happened to be my role models. You see not every parent is a role model. My parents lived lives that even as their child I could not deny them as role models. They were not perfect, but that didn’t stop them from doing their best in every thing they did. That’s what got my attention. Their best was never measured by man but by the Word of God. They designed their lives to measure up to God’s Unfailing Word. Man is subject to fail but God cannot and will not fail. My Mother said, ‘you do right because it is right, not because you’re trying to impress someone. If that’s the case, then your heart isn’t right.  Right is always right no matter what the situation is or the person.’

My parents didn’t look for the popular vote in their decisions in life. Their reference for all good was/is the Word of God. That settled it; and that’s what settled it for me. That’s why they became my role models.

My Dad would loan money and give his time to the same old sorry bunch over and over again. He saw something in them that I couldn’t see. He saw the image of God in them and not the mess that they kept getting into. My Dad Loved people, all people and he showed it; no matter what or who they were. He greeted everyone with a loving smile that said, ‘you are the most important person in the world’ and before he left your presence you knew it too; because he knew all about you from the questions he had asked. My Dad cared…

My Mom and Dad would say, ‘do your best, Gena.’ I have seven siblings and my best was never measured up to what they did. It was measured by my ability to do a task; how much of my all I put into that task; and then if I could stand back and tell myself that I did my Best, then I did my best. I would ask them how something looked when I had finished a required task that she/he had given me to do. My parents would respond to my question with, ‘Gena did you do your best?’ That required me to step back and examine what I did, and then judge myself. You alone, are the only one who can judge your ability and how well you did something. So, stop asking other people how well you did. Judge for yourself.

You determine your personal best!

You see your personal best is simply doing your best. You don’t measure your best against others or compete with your family, friends, peers co-workers, etc. for the best. Doing your best is doing something with all your might. This is how you receive your self – satisfaction. What is ‘self  – satisfaction?’  It is not looking for that pat on the back from someone else to give you; it’s giving yourself the pat on the back and knowing that you did your best.

Much love,
Pastor Harris

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