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 I understand that this word ‘stupid’ offends a lot of people. Yet, it’s something that we contend with on a daily basis. Let’s be real people, stupid exists! So stop ignoring it and let’s look at it. Either you are stupid (no offense) or you are dealing with stupid. Is stupid rude? When confronted with it I try my best to be polite and smile and nod as I ponder, ‘are they really that stupid or did I forget to tuck my ‘stupid tag’ nicely  back into my dress.’ Look! Stupid is an unwanted guest to my  intelligence, it weighs down my patients and tests my temperance.

Stupid is not practical. Am I stupid or are you really just  that stupid? Is there a test for stupid? I remember being told as a child, ‘stupid is as stupid does, so try not to be stupid.’ I’m like everyone else I have a lot of stupid friends, I might even be a ‘stupid’ to a friend. Like many of you, I try to spread out my ‘stupids’ in a relative flow chart of three to four stupids in a twenty four hour period and not to exceed twenty-one stupids a week. Look, I know my limits on stupid and I cannot let them cross over into the crazies. You know, ‘the cray, crayzzz.’ There are subsets of ‘stupid cray crayz’ and super subsets of ‘stupid cray, cray %*#@$’ (there are no polite words for these people.)

I get it… stupid comes natural for young people, but you ought to struggle with being stupid as you get older . OLDER PEOPLE PLEASE TRY TO RESIST STUPID! I know you think that only the young people get all the fun, but being stupid is not FUN! It is destructive to the mental sensibilities of ones delicate mindsets. At your age you should have some type of immunity built up against stupid. With all of these technolgical advancements someone should have found the stupid gene and irraditcated it from the human population. It’s ok for animals to be stupid, it can rather cute, but stupid on a human is just dumb… Where are the vaccines against this, this, this… hey has any one checked into this being a virus, an air borne virus, maybe? Maybe the whole world needs a filter? Is it a result of global warming? OMG… The ozone depletion? Can sun screen stop this? Maybe it’s a conspiracy theory for a self -destruct button that has been built into our genetics, … like a latent stupid gene expression… or some kind. Does anyone know whether it’s a dominant or a recessive trait? Somebody get a hold of the NIH, they might be working on these theories now. Don’t panic, that seems to cause stupid to spread faster.

Wow… I feel better now that I got some stupid off my chest… Hmmmm, just maybe that’s the key. And just maybe stupid is a cloaking device for the evolution of mankind. Nahhh, that’s just plain stupid.

My daughter informed me that I just can’t end it here. So ‘what are you going to do about stupid?’ Well….

We all make mistakes in life, the problem arises when we continue to make the same one over and over (now that’s stupid.) Let us learn from our mistakes by focusing on our directives in life, doing due diligence, as well as preparation. Think it through and then back up and start it… Stupid quickly falls apart when one thinks before he speaks. Stupid lurks in the shadows until revelation and light dispels it. Tenderness loosens the grip of stupid on other people allowing your God-given love to cover the multitude of faults in others and yourself.

1 Peter 4:8

Amplified Bible (AMP)

Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others].
Much love,
Pastor Harris

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