Baby Girl

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Like the old cliché, ‘You will always be my baby!’ No, matter how old you get you will always be my ‘baby girl.’ You were purposed by God and inspired by all the beauty and love surrounding you.

I knew you would complete my set of four beautiful daughters. You were anointed from my womb to bring joy and peace. We all awaited your blessed arrival. God spoke your name to me, ‘Moriah Yadon!’ I looked it up, such a powerful name for one so young. I pondered how you might grow into a name so great.

The meaning of your name from studying Rashi’s commentary: The first of Rashi’s wordplays makes a connection between Moriah and the Hebrew word for “instruction” (הוראה); the Hebrew term for teacher, moreh or morah(מורה), comes from the same Hebrew word. According to this understanding, the name “Moriah” means “land of teaching” or even “land of Torah” (remember Isaiah 2:3 or Micah 4:2: “for from Zion shall go forth Torah”)

Rashi’s second playful word interpretation is based on the Aramaic Targum Onkelos, which renders: “to the land of Worship.” According to Rashi, this involves more of a linguistic and semantic stretch: the incense that was burned in the Temple service included myrrh (מור [mor]), and this ingredient gave its name to the entire mountain. Thus, “Moriah” means “land of myrrh” and therefore “the place where God is worshipped.”

YADON: Variant spelling of Hebrew Yadown, meaning “judge,” “thankful,” or “whom God has judged.”

All I know is that I had a pain-free delivery. I imagined the contractions as being internal hugs and embraces from my  love for you. As I spoke in tongues you were released into this dimension. You came into this world smiling. The doctor dismissed it as gas… lol. But I know it was joy. God’s divine intervention as my uterus released you into this dimension as my timeless beauty transcribed with musical notes.

I praise God for allowing me to be your mother, it truly has been an honor nurturing and loving you. You were a calm, peaceful, and loving baby with an unquenchable appetite for learning and knowledge. There was nothing you could not master. You were and are loved by all. God’s unchanging hand  has, as always, been upon you. When you were eighteen months and insisted on going to school because you had picked up counting to 50 from your four-year old sister.

I couldn’t even fool you with a two-hour day, three days a week daycare. You were so frustrated there. You called them all babies and asked the teachers where all the books were. The ones with words. You refused to wear play clothes and gym shoes, you wore your sunday best everyday with white anklets  socks and mary jane shoes. You insisted that school was a place to learn not play and you had to be dressed that way.

You would pray and read your bible at the age of four. Sometimes refusing to go to Children’s Church on Sundays so you could sit in on the main service to hear the Word of God. Once you even told your Father that you had to stand in my office as a prophet since I was out-of-town. You answered a visitor’s question through your prophetic voice and he came to the Lord.

You were a serious, compassionate child looking for those who needed the love of Jesus. You touched the hearts and changed the lives of everyone you met. You carried your bible to school and used your daily journal assignments to change the life and lead your second grade teacher to Christ. I remember helping out in your third grade class and finding you at the teacher’s desk entering in the grades. I stood there with my mouth opened as the teacher informed me that she hadn’t leaned how to use the macintosh computer and you were teaching her how. You were six years old. You continued to amaze me with your Grace and love for your personal Savior Jesus Christ.

A formidable pianist at eight. You started junior college at the age of eleven. And published your first scientific paper at twelve at Saddleback Valley College. You learned spanish and Japanese and the youngest Teacher’s Assistant at twelve at Irvine Valley College. You started High School at eleven and made it on the tennis team. You graduated High School at fourteen and made it to varsity on the tennis team after learning how to play  tennis in a month and a half. You were blessed to be a part of the National youth organization called “Do Something’ where you indeed did something.

You are truly blessed by God and a mother’s dream. I know you are not perfect but in the eye’s of Jesus you are. Thank you for being such a blessing to me, your family, school, friends and community. And I know that I and the world have yet to see the greatness that God will do in you. Baby you have been an eagle all your life. I have been granted the gift of watching you soar. So baby, lift up your wings and let the Holy Spirit be your guide and the Wind that will cause you to soar above the adversities of life. Your destiny is within your view and purpose will navigate you through all the challenges that might confront you.

One blessed Momma…

Much Love,
Pastor EuGenia Harris


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