A New Year, So Rise Up! – Proverbs 24:16

ImageIn Life there may be just as much good as bad, but it’s what you concentrate on that will get you through Life. For example, in the good times you focus on how you made it through the bad times and then the good times are even better. It makes you a more balanced person, stronger and resilient to Life’s ebbs and turbulence. In bad times you focus on how good you had it and it creates desires and hope for change leading you out of the bad times into good times. Again, Life is showing how balanced a person you are to persevere and the strength you have to endure.

Life was designed to form you and make you into something greater than what you started out as. The ‘Hard times’ define who you are, they birth the real you. Hard times tell you who you are, your character, your integrity and your personality. Are you weak or strong? Anyone can be good in the ‘Good times.’ Good times maintain who you are in life and it does not prepare you for the bad.  In ‘Good times’ there is no reason to grow, change or go to the next level in Life.  It’s just a place to rest and prepare for the next battle or goal. If you are stuck in the good times then there is no ‘better you’ when the better times come. Better times are the opportunities that Life lays out before you in both good and bad times.

Life is meant to be lived and to be lived at its best! That entails good and bad times. Life is the chisel that shapes you into a work of art. Life is the manure that forces you to bloom; it is the essential key to your success. So, stop the resistance to the pressure and heat that will turn you into a diamond in the rough so that a diamond cutter can have its way with you.

We all know the story of ‘Job’ from the bible? Do you really know the hidden truths of Job? We do know that he was tempted by satan to curse his God. And that God strangely permitted it… right? Wrong! Yes, that is not the correct assumption. I will explain to you why that is the wrong assumption. If God gave you life then who is in control of it?…. Stop and think. If I were to give you a thousand dollars then who will be in control of the thousand dollars, you or I? The correct answer to the question of who would be in control of the thousand dollars would be the one whom it has been gifted to. You would be in control of it. Next question, If you spent the money on illicit drugs for yourself or food for the homeless who would be accountable for either of your actions; you or me? I might want to be accountable for the good that you did if you feed the homeless; but if you used it on illicit drugs for yourself I would deny that I was responsible or accountable. The truth is the person accountable is the person who was given the money because they are the person making the decision on how to spend it.

Now back to Job, using the example that I gave above, was Job responsible for his life and what occurred in it?  Life was given to Job and yes, Job had bad things happen to him and God even called Job righteous. God was in no way responsible for Job’s life. Why? God was not responsible because God did not make Job’s decisions in the Life that He gave Job. Job made the decisions in his Life. God gave Job Life and He gave Job ‘free will’ or what we call freedom… that allows you to freely choose.

What did Job freely choose that brought disaster to himself and into his house? This is how Job stated his case and many missed these crucial verses that proves Job was in control as a free man.

Job 3:25-26

King James Version (KJV)

25 For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

The above verses state Job’s state of mind. First we find out that Job had been operating in fear in verse 25. Job did not just fear, he greatly feared. Secondly, Job recognized it as fear and that there was a consequence to his fear because what he feared came upon him.

‘Greatly feared’, is transliterated from Hebrew as a masculine noun called ‘pachad’ – meaning terror, dread or the genitive of the causer of terror which is fear. The word is used of the object of fear and reverence. Therefore fear was Job’s real god.

Thirdly, Job says in verse 26 above that he was not safe even though God and satan said he was (Job 1:8-10) and that God had put a hedge around Job.


Pastor Harris

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