A New Year, So Rise Up! – Proverbs 24:16 (Part 3)

Sitting on Top of the World!
Sitting on Top of the World!

This is the last installment of ‘A New Year, So Rise Up! – Proverbs 24:16 ‘ I do hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it. I want you to enter into and encounter this New Year with expectation, wonder, enjoyment, and excitement of what it will bring to you; like a child amazed at ‘HIS WORLD.’  Please, leave your cares behind so that you can run freely into this New Year unrestricted by what bound you in the previous years. Simply put, ‘ENJOY THE JOURNEY PEOPLE… SOMEONE HAS TO; WHY NOT YOU?…


Job failed, but he regained all that he lost. It was doubled. What happens if we fail? God has a plan for you too just like He did for Job when he failed too. The plan is for you to arise stronger and greater than what you were before the fall. Look at the verse below:

 Proverbs 24:16 King James Version (KJV),  24:16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

The above verse is a comparison between the Just or Righteous when he/she falls and the wicked or unrighteous when they fall. The comparison is brought about because you have a choice between being righteous or unrighteous. We are going to find out just how important this choice becomes when you fall.

From the above verse, ‘Just man’ is transliterated ‘tsaddiyq’ from a Hebrew adjective meaning righteous as justified and vindicated by God. Look at the above verses in Romans 3:23-26 to see how God has vindicated you and made you righteous.

 ‘Falleth’ is transliterated from the Hebrew verb, ‘naphal- meaning a fall by cause from some position, like from a horse, from a seat to the ground, in a possible prostrate position. A falling in battles, a  falling by sword, falling into a snare or cast down. A predictive falls in ones future. Its not so much the ‘how’ in the fall, the point is you find yourself in a lower state than before the fall. For the just or righteous man the word falleth in English is translated the same way as the wicked when they fall. In the Hebrew the word falleth has different meanings corresponding to whether you are righteous or wicked. This is because the fall changes the ‘just or righteous’ by reshaping him through humility making him stronger and invincible so that he can arise; it is not so with the wicked. We will find that out when we define the Hebrew word for ‘riseth’ pertaining to falling for the ‘just.’

‘Riseth’ is the Hebrew transliterated verb ‘quwm’ meaning: to arise – to raise oneself, become powerful, against anyone (hostile sense), exist to go forth, to grow up as becoming a man, or come on the scene. It means to flourish or as in increasing with riches. Another definition for it is: of stand – stand before anyone to oppose them, to stand fast, or remain. It means to continue; to preserver in any thing, or to be confirmed (established), to be fulfilled, or proven. It also means to be successful. The key to the arising is that in all seven cases of falling you–yes, you will be initiating the rise to a greater estate. Remember the choice is yours; the Holy Spirit is the one that agrees with God’s Word in you and makes it happen. You have to do the rising!

‘Seven’ is the Hebrew transliterated masculine/feminine noun

sheba`’ meaning seven (a cardinal number) as an ordinal number. This is where the importance is implied because it comes from the root word ‘to swear, take an oath’ a Hebrew transliterated verb ‘shaba`’ meaning: to swear, or adjured. Septenary numbers are sacred and oaths were confirmed either by seven sacrifices or seven pledges or seven witnesses. Look below at the examples in the verses containing septenary numbers used to confirm the oaths or promises made:

 Genesis 21:28 King James Version (KJV)  21:28 And Abraham set seven ewe lambs of the flock by themselves.


Look at the below verse and get ready to shout! For all of you who have waited seven years to arise, herein is your victory. Now arise!

 Deuteronomy 15:1 GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

(The Seventh-Year Celebration) 15:1 At the end of every seven years, you must cancel debts.

Other verses pertaining to seven years (taken as an oath of promise for something), take for example how Jacob wanted Rachel for a wife. He served Laban her father for seven years twice – Genesis 29:18-20. And look at Joseph when he interpreted Pharaohs dream which came in groups of seven – Genesis 41:26-54. The year of Jubilee came in groups of seven years – Leviticus 25:8-9.

Now back to verse Proverbs 24:16 above and the word ‘wicked’ in comparison to the ‘just,’ the wicked has it far worse than the ‘just’ with no opportunity for growth, change or improvement; only destruction awaits them.

‘Wicked’ is transliterated from the Hebrew adjective, ‘rasha`– meaning a criminal, guilty one – liable of punishment (death), one guilty of crime (hostile to God) or guilty of sin (against God or man.) It means having an unrighteous cause, or ungodly. It is a choice to be wicked; you choose it from your ‘free will’ by choice or lack of choice by default.

‘Shall fall’ is transliterated from the Hebrew verb, ‘kashal`– meaning the following: to stumble, stagger, totter or be feeble; to cause to stumble, bring injury or ruin to; overthrow to make feeble, make weak, to be made to stumble and bereaved. This word ‘shall fall’ is totally different in meaning to the word ‘falleth’ for the righteous. It is entirely a different word used in the Hebrew. To begin with, this word ‘shall fall’ cannot be exempt from its impending doom. It is destined to happen, to bring injury and ruin with no recovery. When you choose to be wicked you have chosen the consequence of destruction.

The last words in the verse of Proverbs 24:16 are ‘Into mischief’ which are transliterated from the Hebrew adjective, feminine noun, masculine noun, ‘ra``– meaning bad, evil, disagreeable, malignant, unpleasant, evil (giving pain, unhappiness, misery), worse than, worst (comparison) and in general, of persons, of thoughts or actions.

The verse of Proverbs 24:16 summarized: No matter where you are in your life; if you have chosen the path of righteousness by the way of Jesus Christ and His finished work you are fail proof. You can fall but you are destined to arise to perfection when ‘you’ make the choice to arise from the fall that has humbled you. The fall has supernaturally increased your capacity to succeed in all that God has called you to. Your falls are destined to be the building blocks to your success. The number of falls or times are confirmed as an oath to the success or great outcome that God will do for you. And for those who have chosen to go it alone without God in your life, you have chosen a path of destruction that is predestined for ruin. It’s your life, choose well… and it will be well with you.

Pastor Harris

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