God Hugs are Showing His Love

My girls and I...
My girls and I…

Have you ever asked the question ‘why God?’ It might have been something big or small, good or bad that had happen when you asked this question. I’m going to try to explain God’s Love in moments like these.

I’m a mother, but remember God’s Love is higher it’s divine. I have four beautiful daughters. My desire for them was/is to fulfill their God-given purpose, not my purpose but God’s Purpose. When they were very small I would hug and kiss them and sometimes they would squirm and kick. I was showing love and protection, their perception was I squeezing them by restraining and stopping them from doing what they wanted to do. Sometimes, God is kissing and loving us with the arms of life’s squeeze and we perceive it as not being able to do what we want. Yet it saves us from killing ourselves or sinning.

Many times my daughters would fall. Oh, how I wanted to run and scoop them up in my arms and kiss the hurt and tears away. I could not do it for their sakes. So, I calmly said, ‘sweetheart, you are ok, now stand up and do it again.’ It was almost magical to see them turn off the tears like a light switch and gain strength and confidence in my words. They would focus on my voice and the task at hand. The struggle for them to accomplish it was the worst for me because  I could feel their pain and I knew what was in them; it was as if my heart would break as they fell over and over, but I pressed on calmly with my belief, encouragement and determination in their success, it lifted them up each time. My belief became their belief and they believed. My encouragement became their encouragement and they had confidence. My determination became their determination and they persevered. The fall was a squeeze to birth them into what they needed to be. Their making was in the struggle, in the press, and in the squeeze. The ability arose, birthed by the situation and  they became what they needed to be in that circumstance. The ‘I can’t’ became ‘I can.’ The ‘I don’t  know’ became ‘I know.’ Success, victory was borne from a squeeze. God Hugs are life’s way of pressing, squeezing us into a new creation in Christ Jesus. Oh, the sweet Love of God.


The Olive Press

In ancient times September was not only time to prepare for the New Year, but it was also time for harvesting olives. It lasted through November. Near the orchards there was usually an olive press. The oil was extracted in several basic steps.

1. The farmer would grab the branches of the olive tree, and tap the branches with a stick. They would then pick up the fallen olives, being careful not to bruise them. Each olive is filled with oil, in fact over half of its weight is pure oil.

2. Next the pits are removed and the olives are gently placed into the large basin, and the pressing begins by rolling the large millstone. There was a large wooden stick placed through the center of the stone, to help roll it in a circle over the olives. The oil would flow into a container and the crushed pulp into a basket. This first pressing was the purest oil and was used mainly for lamps, cosmetics and holy anointing.

3. The second pressing was for the crushed pulp. It was the actual baskets that were crushed. 

It is interesting that the Hebrew word for olive press is “Gethsemane” and the Garden of Gethsemane at the Mount of Olives is where Jesus was in agony as He prayed. Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives, and will return again a second time at the Mount of Olives where every eye will see him.


{I found this on the internet @ http://www.bible-history.com/sketches/ancient/olive-press.html }


The first pressing is the testing and trials that we go through in life, which brings out the anointing that is adequate to solve the problem we have and to be victorious. The first pressing pulls the greatness of God out of us and brings the illumination of the Word of God to help us walk into the greatness and into our victory.

The second pressing is when we have to go through the same trials again because we either shied away from the greatness out of fear or we were in rebellion to the course of God that has been laid out for our lives. The second pressing brings forth an inferior anointing (though still adequate) that makes the test seem harder.

Any pressing or test is only an opportunity designed to enlarge you and makes you more like unto a Son of God. You squeeze an orange and you get orange juice; you squeeze a Christian and you get Christ – the anointing! The stony pit that is removed from the olives is our hardened hearts that holds the fear, which keeps us from pursuing greatness. It is the resistance to the press–or tests. The only fight we ever truly have is the fight within ourselves – with ourselves that is resisting the greatness that God has called us to be through humility and dependence on Him. Always remember that problems are just opportunities of greatness to show God’s Love.


Pastor Gena


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