Love… and You…

The Power of God's Love never ends with You. That's just the  start, He keeps on Loving through you to the World.
The Power of God’s Love never ends with You. That’s just the start, He keeps on Loving through you to the World.

I find that most people will find their value in life by how much they are loved or either by how much they are able to love. Which one are you… ‘the loved’; wanting everyone to love you or ‘the lover’; wanting to love everything and everybody?’

My next question to you is if you are ‘the loved’ what aspect of you should we love you for?

This is not meant to hurt your feelings, but to allow you to look into the mirror of love and see if you have a reflection. If you can’t see you see your reflection are you really being loved like you want? And do you know what love is if you can’t recognize love in yourself? Wanting it does not qualify you to get it neither does doing any and everything to receive it.

My last question, ‘How can you give what you don’t have or how can you love when you never been love?

You see, if you have an orange tree you can’t pull an apple from it no matter how hard you try. Listen up, ‘there are no apples on an orange tree.’ Seems pretty set forward at the least pretty simple. But people try it everyday, they go to the loveless trying to receive love and all they get is ‘loved less’ then they describe what they have as ‘hate.’ It’s not really hate they have it’s that they are void of love for you and they may have no clue to what love is. You don’t really know what love is either or you would not have gone to them for love. You decided to love them and you can’t love a person hard enough to make them love you. It was not their decision. You really can’t make someone love you. You can’t fake it till you made it either. Everybody recognizes a fake. Fakes just don’t hold up like the real thing. And you should not be angry because of it either. If you are that proves it was never love in the first place.

I said that was the last question. At the time it sounded good when I wrote it. But such is life. Timing is everything. The wrong time can be the best time and the best time can be the wrong time. Sounds a bit like love doesn’t it? Opps… there goes another question.

If I never saw a dog before or experienced the love of a dog, and I knew it had four legs. I may even have heard

The Unconditional Love of Jesus...
The Unconditional Love of Jesus…

how much a dog loves it’s owner. So, I think I will get a dog and love him; perfect world? I might find a stray cat and treat him like a dog. I can call him to me like a dog, but he just doesn’t come to me like I heard dogs do. I can give him a name, I can pet him, I can feed him and he still won’t adjust to the new leach I put on him. He only plays when he wants to. He sneaks out and doesn’t come back for days. I told my girl friend about it and she said, ‘girl you got a Tomcat, an alley cat, you’ll never keep him home. It’s just not in him.’ Simply… a cat cannot fulfill the need of wanting, having and loving a dog. It’s not the cat’s fault. It’s just not in the cat’s DNA to be a dog. No matter how much you love him you can’t make him perform like a dog. There are people, who love cats, they just don’t happen to be dog owners and vice versa.

I won’t leave you hanging any lover. We all want love and many of us want to love. It’s the source where we find love and supposedly give love that is the problem. The source that you should have is God.

1 John 4:8

Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Your source has to begin outside of you. Then you receive it from the outside source and it becomes your mirror that you reflect to others. The original source cannot be human because there is no perfect human; we all fail. Your source of love has to be greater than that. Greater than that is God. God’s Love is unconditional because He is Love itself….

1 John 4:7

Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

There is enough Love for us all!
There is enough Love for us all!

So, if you can’t Love like God or maybe if you don’t even know God then do that person a service and leave them alone till you receive the Love of God. The Love of God will teach you how to live the Love of God. You will feel and know for the first till in your life that you have been loved divinely. Then you will have the right motives for love. Your motive will now be LOVE!!!



Pastor Gena


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