Every now and again we should be reminded of the purpose of prayer. It is our divine connection to our Loving, Heavenly Father. Almost like an umbilical cord. We can’t survive without it!
much love


We are Life’s Experiment that there is a God!

What is prayer? Prayer is expressing outside what you are going through inside. Some people pray for change, other people may pray for  things to remain the same. The point is this, prayer changes things. The biggest change that prayer brings about is the change in you. How have you been perceiving your life in reference to other people? Are you really as alone as you think?

Why do you pray? Well, you have to believe that God will intervene on your behalf to change what you are going through. Most of the time God ‘changes you’ in the situation. If you are weak;  He makes you strong, yet the situation remains the same.

God is not into catering to you and your whims; He’s into making you… greater.

You  recognize that in your life there is a problem you cannot handle. Granted the…

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