Love Somebody,… ‘You’, Need it!


I awoke with love in my heart. Funny how love never gets old… I want to share how fresh it is when you nurture it. Often times we take love for granted. You nurture love by taking time to love. You don’t love because they are going to love you back. You love in spite of them loving you back. Because God loves you! God is Love. It is divine to love. You choose to love like God chose to love you. It is a lifetime, life-worth experience. The first step is to love all of life and look for opportunities to express love. Stop and touch nature, the snow, a rose, a pet, etc.… Most importantly love human beings–love yourself. Love others and you will find how much love you can give. Stop and talk to a homeless person but really talk to them, not superficial stuff. Touch someone’s life with your life. I find that the most selfish people complain, whine and are very negative. And they wonder why no one likes them. People want to be uplifted, exhorted and LOVED. When you say, ‘Hi,’ say it with a hug, or a touch on the shoulder, or a kiss on the check.


Much love…


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