Because I’m Happy

Are you Happy? You can be… It’s your decision, that’s why you and only you can make Happy happen for you. This is the truth and you can make it your truth! No one should have the burden of making you Happy. If you can’t make Happy happen for you then why should anyone force this choice on you and lose their own Happy tiring to make you Happy.

When I was little I didn’t walk I skipped. I skipped because I was Happy even when I was supposed to be walking. I just couldn’t help myself; I was Happy. I would trip and fall, (even down stairs) get right back up to skipping and thanking God that I didn’t need stitches. Teachers and Principals couldn’t stop me; they would say that is one Happy child. They would look into my dimpled, smiling, and excited about life, face and tried in their best disciplinarian voice and start laughing and say, ‘oh, stop that skipping and get out of here.’  I’d answer back, ‘ok,’ like I had won a prize. Then turn around and go back to skipping.  I was the only kid who could skip down the halls.


I’d erupted in laughter when I was punished by my parents and made to stand in the corner. I didn’t do it out of spite; I really couldn’t help myself. I’d start dancing, singing and forget I was being punished. I felt sorry for my parents because the Happy in me would not allow me to be unhappy…. but not for long I had Happy inside that had to get out! I would be in a middle of a spanking and erupt in laughter. Why? I would think of something funny on purpose because pain was not fun. Happy felt so good to me that I just couldn’t be anything else but Happy.

I found out early in life that Happy was a choice that I could make and no one or anything in life could take away my Happy. I was told by authoritative figures to get that dump smile off your face. I was very young when this happened. I sucked my smile in and started wiggling. It turned into dancing as I thought I’m smiling on the inside and there is nothing you can do about it. I skipped right off and their harsh words rolled right off my Happy.

Happy attracts many unhappy people who want your Happy. They can’t understand it and they will seek to destroy it. I found this out when I married as a teenager. I purposed that he would never take away my Happy. I tried my best to make him Happy, but he refused my Happy as well as his own children’s Happiness. So… we had to Happily leave him after thirty years. It’s okay because I’m Happy…, I’m Happy…, I’m Happy…I’m happy

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