The Caged Bird’s Song

The beauty of God's creation...
The beauty of God’s creation…

Did you ever wonder what song the caged bird sang? I did, I felt just like the caged bird while I was in a long-term marriage. Trying to keep it together for everyone but me. I knew one day I would be set free. But I still wondered, ‘what did that caged bird sing?’ Would the song of the caged bird dare to help me through my plight? What song kept the caged bird going? What song made him overlook the bars that so visibly held him in bondage? There was a world outside the bars beckoning his presence. What song provoked him to sing?

Was it a song that he sung over and over? A monotonous melody, he may have sung that became the rhythm of his life. A pretentious beating sound that kept his heart beating in tune with the world outside the cage. Did that keep him going? Could it have been a song of happiness that eluded his captors? One of joy that looked beyond his bars and landed upon the future of his expectations.

Maybe the caged bird sang the blues founded and grounded in pain, misery and struggle. A song that just kept him moving so he wouldn’t give up and die. How about a jazzy song that teased his emotions to the core with thoughts of what existed outside those bars? Or maybe a more structured song, like classical music, a symphony staying within the parameters of a life wasted to the conformity of tradition, culture and law.

What was that song that breached his soul and told him he was free? A love song that told him he was indeed loved. Yes, a song that named him as a beloved. A song of purpose, unconditional love, a love that transcended time and space bursting forth on the horizon of hope. Seeing a prophetic future of love, joy and peace.

That caged bird saw his Creator, but most importantly the Creator, God Almighty saw His creation; that caged bird that He had created to be free. The Creator sang a song of love and the caged bird responded to the overwhelming love with melodious melodies sounding monotonous to his captors.  It was a rhythmic, pretentious beat, mimicking the sounds of His Creator. These sounds took and gave the caged bird breath and solitude.

I know why the caged bird sang. He was loved. The caged bird was loved by someone greater than himself, greater than his situation, and greater than what existed beyond the bars.  The why the caged bird sang became the substance of who the caged bird is today. The caged bird became love. A reflection of what he heard while he was behind the sanctimonious bars. The caged bird beheld the Glory of the Lord and sang its love song.

The Blues became his forgiveness for His captors. The Jazz became his love for his captors. The Classical music became his resolve that he would not allow the bars to be his restraint in his newfound ability to love… I love you….

God is Love, Love conquers and covers it all…

much love…

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