Why should I forgive and forget?

Sometimes you can hold onto a hurt so long that now you are hurting you. It’s like taking poison to kill someone else and you wind up dead. This is crazy, right? Forgiveness allows you to be set free from what hurt you.

God is Love, Love conquers and covers it all…
much love……


As We Forgive

“Unforgiveness is Your Poison for Suicide”

Unforgiveness is a luxury that I cannot afford. I forgive through the help of God. We all know what motivates mankind; it’s reward and punishment, or pleasure and pain. If I am to retain my disciple-ship with Jesus and have every one of my prayers answered I must forgive those who have caused my pain for my own sake.

We are very selfish by nature. God has commanded me to love with ‘all’ my heart, soul and mind so there is no room for hate, unforgiveness or anything negative. I would have to lose or have less of God to have unforgiveness in my life. No one is worth me having less of God. Unforgiveness is a choice just like every other negative emotion. I choose to be IN God, IN His love, IN His promises rather than IN hate, IN unforgiveness, IN any negative emotion…

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