The Forgiver and The Forgiven

Here, in this blog I take the time to answer a honest question about forgiveness. What unfolds is a rational, logical answer, once you remove the emotional attachment from the response of being injured. Herein is where understanding resides, devoid of an emotional attachment to a logical response allowing one to be whole again. This is where you separate the response from the hurt. Continue reading to find out more.


Peace of Mind... Peace of Mind…

This is dedicated to my New Friend Mary Rogers

I want to ask you all a question and then I will answer it for you. This will help you see both sides of forgiveness.

Question: You have an exquisite teacup. The finest that money could buy considering that it has a very fine crack in it. It has a crack so fine that you really cannot see it with the naked eye. You tried using it but to no avail–it continues to leak all of its contents out, but it’s so pretty and you feel so good using it. If you drink it quickly you can barely notice that it’s leaking. Then you are all gassy from drinking it so fast and you can’t enjoy the taste of your expensive tea. The problem only arises when you have your finest silk dress on and everyone notices the…

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