Love Through The Art of Music

Haifa Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Bogislaw Dawidow
Haifa Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Bogislaw Dawidow

Love can be poured out in so many forms making it amazing. Last night I went to see the Haifa Symphony Orchestra of Israel. As we sat, my daughter and I, waiting for them to begin we watched them tune their fine instruments. I was prompted to pray in the spirit for them. I never had an urge such as this.

As I begin to pray I could sense their dedication, their passion, their… love. What sparked me the most was their love for their passion. Passions strengthen only by their resolve to willing give their best in a performance there by unveiling the depths of their souls. The atmosphere was tangible and energized by the people who had come to see them perform. It was amazing to feel such dedicated love.

I looked at each artist holding his or her instrument. It no longer looked like an instrument, but they beheld the object of their love. I knew I was about to hear the breath of their love, the key essentials of their love. Each artist gifted by God to play their instrument and God is/was the source of their gift. I was about to tap into their God-given gift through prayer and watch the love of God being poured out through His image… through His Love.

Then I begin to notice, not from turning around looking, but spiritually. The people behind me and beside me had come to hear the music they loved. They were in great expectation to feel and hear their love played. This auditorium filled with people who were in love and desiring more love. It radiated from the inside, the inner – man, the spirit to the outer-man, the flesh. We bathed in waves of musical love crashing upon the souls watering our barren heart’s desires. Quenching melodies of melodious rhythms soothing every hidden thought revealing untapped joys and desires.

The waves of love resounded and vibrated from musician to musician as they were on one accord. Then back to the audience who also were on one accord in love with the musicians and the sounds they expressed from the depths of their spirits where God resides. This made my love increase from the awareness of God’s Love given to mankind through gifts and the abilities to love through music.  This circle of love returned the love that they had received back to the gifted musician.

Oh, what wonderment of love my heart will speak of as it communes with the love of others. Love expressed through music given and received transcends time, and distance to land on the heart of another living soul in love.

God is Love, Love conquers and covers it all…

much love…

Pastor EuGenia Harris

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