I’m doing life before it does me!

Sometimes we let life just roll over us, or we go along with the momentum. The same program day in and day out. It leaves us lost, feeling vague and so incomplete. Life was not made to live it like that. Don’t wrap life around you and get lost! No, wrap you around life and make life happen… Instead of having fun make some fun for you and others. Live! Live! Live, you ony have this one life and one chance to be all that God has made you to be!
much love



Christian dialogue–

Christian 1: Oh, Sister Pleasant; How are you doing?

Sister Pleasant: Oh, I’m doing life!

Christian 1: Doing life?

Sister Pleasant: Yes, I’m doing life before it does me.

Christian 1: …What?

Sister Pleasant: I have the choice to choose what I will be subjected to in life because of the authority I carry and am under. I have a covenant with God, and the terms are for me to subdue and dominate the earth and every living thing, right? Well, is not life living?

Christian 1: Yeah…..

Christian 1: I have taken every situation in life that is contrary to the Word of God, and using the Word and my Faith, made my life line up with the Word of God. So.. I’m doing life.

Who is the ultimate supreme authority? Jesus. (Matt. 28:18)
Where did He receive it from? God. (John 3:35)
I am only under…

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