Memories, Legacies or Generational Curses… Your Choice!

Aunt annabell and momI was eight years old when my Aunt Annabel taught us about regrets. I listened and learned and decided from that day on I would live life without regrets. I wanted good memories over regrets at that age… I chose being nice on purpose; some times it didn’t get much attention, but I didn’t do it for the attention. I did it for me, it made me feel well with my soul. I didn’t fight or hit my sisters, or talk back to my parents either because I did not want regrets.  I was choosing memories over regrets. I figured out that every occurrence in my life involved me; I was the common denominator. I was in every scenario. In order to change the outcome of my life I’d have to change me. So, I went about creating good memories on purpose and you can too.


If the memory does not bring you joy and edification then delete it, lesson learned. The minute you add your emotions to an experience it becomes a ‘role’ for you to act out the rest of your life. If you don’t want drama in your life then stop adding emotions to everything. The role of a victim is not dignified. Life happens and emotions make us keep the bad experience around longer than necessary. You are more than your experiences so stop letting them rule over you. God designed time to distance you from your negative experiences so that you can create new ones to replace them.


You have one life so live it on full. Put God first, take care of your bodies. Give your body the best nutrition and exercise that you can. This attitude should come before anything superficial, clothes, cars, and houses. These things will remain after you are gone. Things chosen over living life is stupid! This is a legacy that you should leave for your children. Choose God, life and people over things. Love people and use things. Don’t get it twisted and love things and use people. This is abuse if you do. People are loved and things are used.


Generational curses are passed down failures. If you are reliving mommy or dads life it is because they transferred their mind sets and behaviors to you. The way they responded to life and people; how they ate; how they exercised; in short how they lived. You have to live what you preach. It’s not a do as I say and ignore what you see. You tell a child not to lie, then they answer the phone and you tell them to tell the person on the line you are not at home. They do the same thing and you punish them. They don’t see your punishment. So, they figure that their lying was not good enough to get away with like yours and keep them from punishment. They work on it until they are perfected liars. You were/are their first role model in living LIFE that a baby/child will see.


Your diet can predict the kind of disease you have. Some people have a history of heart disease. You call it a generational curse. That’s not necessarily true. The generations in that family were taught to eat the same bad ways and not exercise. Their lifestyle and eating habits killed them and this was perpetuated down through the generations until someone figured out that they had to change in order that their children can lead a better life.


God is Love, Love conquers and covers it all…

much love…


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