From my Heart to yours: A Heart Full of Thanksgiving!

I'm Thankful! much love...
I’m Thankful! much love…

From my heart to yours: Thankfulness

Waking up thankful is a great way to start the morning off feeling good and alive. Thank God for being alive! We sometimes listen to our bodies to tell us how to feel. Your body has a voice, but it shouldn’t be ‘the voice.’ Answer it with I love you, thank you for serving me so well. Yes, your mind is reminding you with issues (problems) but quiet it with God is my answer and He is greater than all my problems. I choose God’s Peace to start this day. Let’s make this a great day. Every morning should start with Thanksgiving, Love, Peace and Joy. This will be the ‘outline’ for the rest of your day and week. You have just empowered yourself. Then share this mind-set with the rest of your family. Give everybody a hug, kiss and some love…

God is Love, Love conquers and covers it all…

much love…


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Every Monday and Thursday at 7pm EST = Eastern Standard Time, 6pm CST = Central Standard Time and 4pm PST = Pacific Standard Time.


Praying Conference Call

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1500

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Playback Number: (712) 432-1202

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