A Thankful Challenge for You, ‘Day # 5′

Did you know that being thankful will cause you to dwell in the presence of God? Look at this verse it tells you the consequences of thanking God.

Psalm 140:13Amplified Bible (AMP)

13 Surely the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall give thanks to Your name; the upright shall dwell in Your presence (before Your very face).

Have you seen some of the challenges going around Social Media; I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I would like for you to join me. I’m expressing my ‘Thankfulness.” I think bloging is a good medium to express how you feel and I’m feeling thankful. I want to stretch myself and live a ‘Thankful Life’ because life is just too short.

You are nominated to bring God’s Favor on you through being Thankful! Yes, you are nominated for ‘The Thankful Challenge.” That includes everybody, SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING LEFT OUT. You to post five days of thankfulness on Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and every type of Social Media. You can even post in the comment section of this blog. Then nominate three people each day. Let’s set Social Media a blazed with being thankful.

Day #5 – I am so Thankful for my parents, Willie Gene Harris ‘Red’ and Geraldine Harris. They have been a blessing and a continued legacy of blessings to my life. I am where I am today because of their love for God that they both shared with me. They nourished my calling into the ministry at a very early age. I can remember at the age of four my mother encouraged me to make up songs about Jesus. Lol… I never became a singer; I can’t even carry a tune. My mom had me commit scriptures to memory at age four all the way up till I was in my thirties when she went to be with her Jesus. My Dad took over from there and studied the word of God with me till he joined my mom with his beloved Jesus. He was my first tither when I pastored my first Church on my own, Presence of God ministries. They both taught me how to witness the love of Jesus Christ. My life has been an amazing journey because I traveled with Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for that. I encourage all who will read this to give your life to Jesus Christ so that you can live out the life of Christ!

God is Love, Love conquers and covers all…



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