Living my life like it's golden!
Living my life like it’s golden!

This may sound ‘rude,’ but it’s necessary for you to see what YOU are doing to yourself. Well, here it is and what you need to hear, ‘Get a life!’ Stop making other people’s lives your life. Stay out of their business. The reason you are a busybody is because you wasted your time being in somebody else’s business and didn’t take the time to create a life for yourself. You are worthy of your own life. It does not advance your life by talking about them and posting about them. It shows us how little you and your life is. So, take a deep breath, shake off these other people’s lives (what they did, what they said, and what they are doing.) You are worth more than that. Life is good, but you won’t find out how good it is by digging around in someone’s garbage. It only makes you look and smell like garbage when you do. God puts busybodies in the same class as murderers, thieves, and evil doers. Now, look in the mirror tell yourself that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Tell yourself you are made in the image of God and that you were created for greatness! Now, go be beautiful baby! ‪#‎muchlove‬

1 Peter 4:15 (KJV)
But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.

Psalm 139:14 (KJV)
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Genesis 1:26 (AMP)
God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.


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