From Mourning to Dancing…

I’m reposting this, the relevance is apparent. We all have watched our loved ones leave this earth and the holidays speak the loudest about their absence. We don’t know how to continue the celebration in their absence. Our absented loved ones showed us how! The holidays brought them joy, but yet they too had loved ones that were absent. I don’t remember them being sad. I do remember them being grateful! Grateful for the time that we had together and they were not going to allow lost to enter into the celebration of life. I believe we have to create new families. Not to replace the ones that are not longer here, but to embellish their memories of how they lived for the moment!




I wrote this for a person whose parents had passed away. He felt he had lost the joy associated with them during the holidays. I am sharing this with those of you who have lost a loved one but still want to have joy in you life around the holidays. I pray that this will enlighten you so that the ravages of guilt, hurt and shame will not consume you. I pray the following will enlighten you:

I prayed for a response to your post about going back home for the holidays. Here it is: GO! Go to the places and the relatives that your parents went to, love, laugh, have fun and praise God!

This is why you must go: you are the fruit of your parents. This is a time of celebration of what they put in you. For example, in life a tree/plant will produce a fruit that…

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