Do You Know Your Value?

You are worth more than the world...
You are worth more than the world…

You are made in the image of God! It took the real thing, God’s Son, to redeem you not just another image like you. God’s Son Jesus was born for you to be free and to remain free. The baby was born to be your sacrifice, born to redeem you from all of your failures. Born into conflict and made to be the complete resolution of the world’s ills today.


The Baby Jesus brought GOD’S LOVE, FORGIVENESS, RECONCILIATION through PEACE… God is at Peace with you today and always through His Son Jesus. In Jesus you will find complete peace when you receive Him as your Savior. He loves you and I do too. You’ll never be alone for Christmas again. He will be with you forever MY FRIEND! Repeat this prayer please…

That's why God sent His Son. God paid a lot for you to get a lot out of you!
That’s why God sent His Son. God paid a lot for you to get a lot out of you!



Father God, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for forgiving me of all sins. Come into my heart Jesus, take over my life, be my Lord, my personal savior, my personal healer and my provider. I summit to your Lordship! I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; borne by the Virgin Mary, crucified, resurrected and now He lives in my heart. Thank you Lord Jesus for coming into my heart and saving my soul. Father, I ask you now to set my soul free. I don’t want my soul enslaved or in bondage to anything or to anybody.

Father, I accept the freedom of my soul. I ask you right now, Lord, to fill me with your precious Holy Spirit from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head. Give me power over my situation. So that when I pray I will get an immediate answer and when I speak the word of God it will manifest itself immediately. (Now, place one of your hands on your stomach and say:) I have in me the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All the power of God dwells in me. All the promises of God dwell in me. When I call upon them one by one they have to manifest themselves because they belong to me. I call upon a long life, peace, and joy; come forth divine anointing, health and strength come forth! I will study my bible and learn about all the promises that God Has promised me. Father, I thank you for saving my soul in Jesus precious name, Amen. Thank you, God. Jesus has set you free.




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