Part 3 in God’s Remnant…Never A Majority…A Ram In The Bush… My Friend Tom

My feature blog today is written by Tom Muller who rose to the occasion following the elections expressing his poignant opinion. He is a straight forward guy, no holds barred. He’s kind and he has a good loving heart. This is his 2nd installment in a 5 part series.

Here’s Tom:


I think the only way for us all to finally come together is for all of us to acknowledge where we are and be honest about the bubbles that each and every single one of us live in. There are studies out there that show that the average person only processes 1% of their surroundings. Think about how much we all constantly miss. Have you ever noticed that when something clicks, you suddenly see it everywhere? We often mistakenly think that this something is something new but that is not true. In many cases, it has always been around us, we just missed it. For me, that is one of the best experiences in life. Eye opening moments like that are what I live for. I love the short term discomfort followed by long term perspective. It can be like being born again. But I fear that too many of us avoid those moments like the plague. We don’t want to rethink anything or have to admit that we might have spent most of our life wrong about something. My hope is to push myself and others now through this write up.

So here we go…

I am going to start with the Democrats. Democrats can pretend that the only problem is that a bunch of idiots voted for that idiot whisperer, Trump. Well, as a party, you nominated one of the only people who could still lose to Trump. A more accurate statement is that the DNC crammed their establishment pick down our throats. If the DNC did not want Bernie to run in the Democratic Primary, they should have simply told him no. After admitting him, if the chairs of the DNC could not remain unbiased and treat all candidates fairly, they should have simply stepped down as Tulsi so honorably did. They did not do that. Instead, they conspired against Bernie and did major damage to their party. They also lost millions of voters like myself who only even considered their party because we felt that Bernie was a once in a lifetime candidate. If you just rolled your eyes, pace yourself, this whole section is dedicated to you.

I am not so worked up over the debate questions being leaked ahead of time to Clinton. I do not think Bernie was caught off guard by any of the questions anyway. In fact, as DNC emails have shown, even when they gave Bernie tougher questions, meant to sabotage him, he knocked those questions out of the park too. One such example is when the DNC thought it would be good to push him on whether he is an atheist or a Jew because a lot of Americans would not care which he was and dislike him either way. He gave one of the most spiritual answers most of us will ever hear. It was beautiful. The DNC’s treatment of Bernie was downright ugly.

I am not here to stump for Bernie though. I am seeing a whole lot of fellow Berners throwing around talk of a landslide had he been the Democratic nominee. I love Bernie. To me, he is a principles based person who has been on the right side of things for a long time. He is a good caring, honest person. I have loved him for a long time now and love him more and more each day. But whether you feel that, “socialist” is a fair label or not, it most certainly would have been thrown around 24/7 in attack ads. While a whole lot of my Republican friends refused to vote for Trump, they almost certainly would have voted for Trump had Bernie been on the other side. There is also the whole atheist/Jew deal as noted above. Liberals played that angle. You think everybody else wouldn’t have? Hell, Trump played the whole Star of David angle with Hillary and I’m pretty sure she’s a Baptist and/or Satanist depending which emails you read.

As an atheist myself, I can tell you that this country is not ready for all that. This country thinks less of atheists than Vegans just to put this into perspective. And if Jewish people were truly respected in this country, we would not have horrified them all by supporting a nominee, now President elect, who treats Muslims the way he does. Jews know how that ends up. So we should be honest and appreciate that right or wrong, Bernie would have had a really tough time winning too.



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