Part 4, in God’s Remnant…Never A Majority…A Ram In The Bush… My Friend Tom

If you are unaware this is Tom Muller’s 3rd installment of his amazing response from the latest 2016 Presidential Elections.  His response is designed to unify us through dialogue and listening to one another’s grievances and the acceptance of us all being equal… There is no ‘you’ or ‘me’, it’s ‘us’. It’s we the people…

Featuring Tom:

I am not here to stump for Bernie though. I am seeing a whole lot of fellow Berners throwing around talk of a landslide had he been the Democratic nominee. I love Bernie. To me, he is a principles based person who has been on the right side of things for a long time. He is a good caring, honest person. I have loved him for a long time now and love him more and more each day. But whether you feel that, “socialist” is a fair label or not, it most certainly would have been thrown around 24/7 in attack ads. While a whole lot of my Republican friends refused to vote for Trump, they almost certainly would have voted for Trump had Bernie been on the other side. There is also the whole atheist/Jew deal as noted above. Liberals played that angle. You think everybody else wouldn’t have? Hell, Trump played the whole Star of David angle with Hillary and I’m pretty sure she’s a Baptist and/or Satanist depending which emails you read.

As an atheist myself, I can tell you that this country is not ready for all that. This country thinks less of atheists than Vegans just to put this into perspective. And if Jewish people were truly respected in this country, we would not have horrified them all by supporting a nominee, now President elect, who treats Muslims the way he does. Jews know how that ends up. So we should be honest and appreciate that right or wrong, Bernie would have had a really tough time winning too.

I think that is a war I would have proudly fought in though. I think we would have had the highest voter turnout of all time had that Bernie vs. Trump election ever happened. I think that would have been incredible. I just cannot say honestly that we would have won that war. I have lived all over this country and we are far too in love with neoliberalism and crony capitalism to know how it would have shaken out. He would have probably done much better than Hillary in Middle America though. To end this thought on a positive note, the youth get it. The youth love Bernie and the 18-25 group even painted Hillary’s America blue yesterday.

If the Democrats want to move forward together, they need to acknowledge all of this. They need to stop blaming one another. I see this going both ways but what blows me away the most are all the Hillary supporters who have been blaming Bernie and us Berners for over a year now. The irony is not lost on me when a whole bunch of liberals who love to throw around the word, “privilege” constantly talk down to our grassroots movement that raised a quarter of a billion dollars without panhandling to big money groups. We paid for our pick. Who paid for yours?

I see Hillary supporters who blame Bernie for not doing enough. This floors me. After the total screw-job the DNC gave him, he took the highroad and STILL went out there campaigning all over the country and doing his part for Democrats and Hillary especially. You want to talk about him not doing enough? Where the hell was Hillary? She sure as hell was not in Wisconsin. She didn’t even bother to visit the state once after the primary. Not once. Say what you will about Trump, and I was most certainly wrong about this myself, but he definitely out hustled Hillary. She had ads mocking him for sitting up in his tower and not talking to regular people. Take a look at the blue states he flipped and count up each candidate’s visits. If there was anybody sitting up in an ivory tower, it was Hillary.

But Berners, as much as I do not like Clinton or want to reward the DNC for their dirty ways, I have to wonder what we were thinking letting Trump win this one. Bernie negotiated most of his platform onto Hillary’s. You can say that you do not trust her to execute it but I disagree. I think that a politician’s top priority once elected is to get re-elected. I think that she absolutely would have had to implement most of that platform knowing that if she didn’t, a fractured Democratic Party would break and she’d be easily defeated. I would add, easily defeated to somebody other than Trump.

Yet, a whole lot of us ignored Bernie’s warnings. We love Bernie because he is a protestor through and through – from civil rights in the 60’s to Standing Rock today. He is honest and he cares about us. But when Bernie, who is out there and knows where this country is better than any of us, told us, hey, this is NOT the time to protest, we left him. Now, we have a whole lot of social issues back on the table waiting to potentially get axed with Pence in the mix. Social issues, like equality are sadly seasonal in this country. To say otherwise is naïve. We really let down a whole lot of good people yesterday. Liberals arguing over finer details while completely ignoring the bitter white storm that was out there brewing waiting to crush most everything we have fought for over these past 8 years. Trump and Pence are in the White House now. That happened. We need to own our part of that.

But to be fair, Trump would have carried exactly zero states running his scare tactic, scapegoat, bullying campaign through the DNC. Liberals are disgusted by that behavior. And what is most disappointing to me is that conservatives are not any more. They embrace it. You can disrespect everybody now and still win over what used to be a pretty religious base. When Trump got a pass for mocking a POW for being captured, I spoke up about that. I said that nobody in the GOP I grew up in could ever get away with such a thing. I knew there was more behind it. I was ignored and told that Rubio was going to win big and become the GOP nominee. But that never even came close to happening. Do I think there is a racial reason for it? I did and still do.

Look at what put Trump on the map politically. He called for our first black nominee with a real shot to win the Presidency about his birth certificate. I cannot recall that ever happening before. Even now, years later, after almost all of us can admit that it was pretty fucked up, Trump brags about it. He brags about getting Obama to show it. In fact, if I asked you Obama’s middle name, you’d probably know that cold. Think about why that is for a second. Trump also questioned Obama for getting into Harvard. He wanted to see his transcripts. Think about that too, especially all of you that just nodded. A man with a 200-word vocabulary whose father most certainly bought his way into the Ivy League is calling out a guy who was the President of the Harvard Law Review? Really? And now he has to hand over the Presidency to this piece of shit. Great job America.


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