Part 5, in God’s Remnant…Never A Majority…A Ram In The Bush… My Friend Tom

Focused… Always stay focused…

This is Tom Muller’s 4th installment of his amazing response to the 2016 Presidential Elections.  He is a voice, a rare voice of reason, of substance and commitment among many voices you hear…He is articulate, intelligent and a highly respected  voice. Why, you may ask? He gets it! He is not betting on any one race to succeed… He wants acceptance and justice for all; He wants humanity to succeed as one, everyone is important.

My Friend Tom:

And I want to take a second to draw a parallel here. I hear a lot of Trump supporters claiming that they are able to ignore all of the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and “locker room talk” because Trump is an outsider! This trust fund baby born into a life too big to fail is one of us! He cares about jobs! That’s why he sent so many jobs overseas and hired undocumented workers in his private company where he answers to nobody! And the big one, he’s anti-establishment! Interesting. That’s not exactly a new strategy, that whole anti-establishment deal. In fact, it was already used to beat Hillary before…back in 2008. Where were all these anti-establishment folks back then? I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I’d wager there’s not a whole lot of overlap in the 2008 Obama anti-establishment and the 2016 Trump crews.

This is not about taking the government back for the people. Trump is not the people or for the people. Trump is Trump and out for Trump. What this is really about is about taking back the government for white men. Oh geez, there’s that race card from your buddy Tom, the white apologist. I am still not sure what this card gives me since it pisses off most every white friend I have but here I go playing it again. You think racism sucks? The worst most white people will ever experience is having to talk about racism and when they do, they cry out that it’s reverse racism. It’s tough being white these days. Those whiny minorities will just never understand.

So, where were all you anti-establishment folks in 2008 to support Obama? Oh yeah, making sure that your party lined up against every single thing that he would ever propose so they could blame him when nothing got done. Boy, you really wanted to shake up that system bad back in 2008. Nothing screams anti-establishment like lining up the entire damn establishment to go against the anti-establishment pick. So no, it’s not that. I wish it was but it isn’t. Not for most any way.

The honest truth is that there are a whole lot of white people who never even noticed the government until a black guy dared to do everything we have lectured black people to do for years. Broken family? No excuse! Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make it happen! And he did but I guess we weren’t counting on that and he climbed too high. And then other black people felt like they too had a shot at equality and seized the moment to speak up. Did we listen? Hell no. We mistook us losing privilege as our rights being under attack. You wanna talk about a sense of entitlement? Suddenly, with a black in charge, we all realized how much ground we had lost. And after 8 years of a black we were going to nominate a woman? Hell fucking no. NOW we had to clean up politics. NOW we had to pretend that everything was in the shitter and that Hillary was the first and worst at everything. The same woman we said had never passed anything her entire time in politics was now responsible for all of it! NOW we had to draw a line and go to war if necessary.

Which is funny. We constantly lecture groups to “get over it” after centuries of having no power and we lose our shit after not having it for 8 years. Maybe we need to get over it and over ourselves. Maybe we need to stop and listen to ourselves playing whiny victim and stop projecting that stereotype onto other groups. If there are thin skinned whiners in this country, it’s us white people. If you’re worked up and angry reading that, I’m talking specifically to you. You see, you don’t get to shit on everybody else and call it, “just telling it like it is” and then cry like little bitches when it comes back around. What goes around comes around. Own it you fucking hypocrites.

And that’s really the great divide now. The GOP has just gone way too far off the deep end. The Pope and now even Fox News are too liberal for this party. There is an angry, bitterness driving the party and outside of Kasich, few have stood up and said boo about it. There is no leadership. No guts. No pride or decency. How could you possibly nominate and then elect a President with such a horrible opinion of so many Americans? Don’t you have Hispanic friends? Don’t you have friends or family members who were POW’s? Don’t you have friends who are Muslims? LGBT? Black? Women? Handicapped people? How could you possibly elect Trump President if you care about any of those groups? How can you even look at kids knowing you did this?


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